Combining the art and science of dermatology with compassion

Helping to support and maintain your health and well-being is my most important job as a dermatologist…and my passion. My goal and that of my medical support team is to provide our patients with the highest standard of care possible. And to do it with both care and compassion. We want to see all of our patients on the path to healthy, vibrant and beautiful skin. We build trusting and valued relationships with each and every patient as we combine our knowledge of skin problems with the best of modern technology to achieve desired outcomes. Our mission: Delivering excellence in skin care with understanding and compassion for every patient.

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“The staff is outstanding. They make uncomfortable procedures very relaxing and they really care about you. Candace King is not just a medical doctor, but someone who cares about your overall health. There is no other place I would recommend but this facility – love all of them!” –Christy Drennan PinEHURST, NC

“In the beautiful village of Pinehurst, Dr. King’s practice offers state-of-the-art skin care technology comparable to that available in major metropolitan areas. Her exhaustive research on techniques and products and her devotion to her patients is a gift for those of us who are lucky to have her care.” –Carol Ann Zinn Chapel Hill, NC

“I first went to Dr. King when she was in Winston-Salem, NC. She has been taking care of me since she opened her practice in Pinehurst. Dr. King is a real professional and treats all of her patients with a sincere treatment of their skin problems.” –John P. O’Connor PINEHURST, NC